Communications & Public Relations

The Communications Team Description

The Communications Director and Campus Liaisons work collaboratively to provide the necessary internal support that cultivates effective organization communication, while developing and maintaining external communication platforms that build relationships centered on trust and transparency with our parents and community.

We are responsible for directing and managing all district communications and public relations functions, ensuring strategies are in alignment with the district's values and core beliefs.  The department also produces communication pieces including press releases, newsletters, flyers and posters.

Any and all Open Records Requests are handled by  Nicole Larson, Communications Director.

The objective of the communications team is to build community support and to promote the school district.

5 Ways to Connect to Sweeny ISD

Become a volunteer at your child's campus
- Studies show student success is directly related to parental involvement.  Contact your child's campus to complete a volunteer application.

Join and become active
in the campus PTO, Booster Clubs and other parent organizations.

- Receive timely information by regularly visiting the Sweeny ISD website and campus web sites.

School Messenger Phone Calling System (Skylert) - Keep your contact information updated through the registrar at your child's campus.  We utilize School Messenger to inform parents of absences, lunch account balances, campus events and emergency notifications.

See you on social media - "Like" us on Facebook and "Follow Us" on Twitter for even more interactive news and updates.  Each campus also has its own Facebook and Twitter accounts that you can follow/like for even more detailed information.

Communications Director- Nicole Larson
High School Campus Liaison - Kelly Stroud
Junior High School Campus Liaison - Lisa Duke
Elementary School Campus Liaison - Kelley Schroeder and Linda Leopold