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SISD Walk of Honor

Sweeny ISD Walk of Honor

Sweeny ISD Walk of Honor Mission Statement

The mission of the Walk of Honor is to recognize those individuals who have contributed to or laid the foundation for the legacy that is Sweeny I.S.D.

The Sweeny ISD Walk of Honor began as an idea of former Sweeny High School graduate, Sweeny ISD educator of 28 years, Mrs. Peggy Ellis.  Through her vision, a committee was formed consisting of community members, current and former teachers, and administrators that took to the task of honoring those that contributed to the legacy of Sweeny ISD.  From these efforts the committee set out to develop the criteria and categories for those that will be recognized by the Sweeny ISD Walk of Honor now and in the years to come.    

Categories:  Individuals may be nominated to represent one of three categories:

  • Educator:  Identified as – Administrator, Teacher, Activity Sponsor, Athletic Coach, Staff
  • Alumni:  Identified as – Graduate of any High School in the history of Sweeny ISD
  • Supporter:  Identified as – A Major Volunteer, Contributor or Sponsor who has supported Sweeny ISD in a capacity other than an Educator or Alumni

General Criteria:  The following requirements must be met for any nominee to be eligible for the Walk of Honor.


  • Must be 10 years past the date of retirement.
  • Evidence of an outstanding career.
  • Must have had a direct and significant impact on students at any Sweeny ISD Campus.
  • Must have contributed significantly to the legacy of Sweeny ISD.


  • Must be 10 years past the date of graduation.
  • Has excelled at an activity, career, or endeavor at a high level.
  • Maintains exemplary life of community service and good character, which reflects credit to the person, school, and society.
  • Exemplary academic achievement shall be considered a desirable qualification.
  • Must have contributed significantly to the legacy of Sweeny ISD.


  • Has made an extraordinary contribution over an extended period of time resulting in a significant benefit or reflects great credit, to an individual school or to Sweeny ISD.
  • Examples: Board Member, state association staff member, sports medicine provider, volunteer, contributor, community group member, scholarship sponsor or media personnel.
  • Must have contributed to the legacy of Sweeny ISD

Nomination and Selection Process:

  • All nominations must be completed using the official nomination coversheet adopted by the Walk of Honor Committee and must include the required nomination information. Any nomination packet that is incomplete will not be reviewed by the Walk of Honor Committee.
  • Nomination forms will be accepted between the first Monday of June and first Monday of February of the following year.
  • Nomination packets should include copies of artifacts. Please do not submit originals.
  • Nominations shall be mailed via certified mail or hand delivered in a sealed envelope to the Sweeny ISD Superintendent’s office. Nominations must be marked “ATTENTION: SISD WALK OF HONOR COMMITTEE” on the outer envelope in order to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the nomination process.
  • Each nominee must be submitted individually in a separate envelope.
  • The nomination packets will be retained for 45 calendar days following the date the Honorees are announced.
  • The Committee will meet no later than March 1 each year to begin the selection process for that year’s Honorees.
  • The Walk of Honor Committee will use the criteria listed under “General Criteria” to screen candidates.
  • The Walk of Honor shall target three (3) nominees for selection to the Walk of Honor in a single year.
  • Any nominee must receive majority approval of the Walk of Honor Committee to be accepted into the Walk of Honor.
  • Accepted nominees will be notified by the Walk of Honor Committee no later than April 1st of the calendar year.
  • Inductees will be recognized each year at the Sweeny Pride Day Celebration. In addition, each honoree will be recognized with a historical monument that will be placed near the flag pole at Sweeny High School.
  • Any questions or concerns in reference to those inducted shall be referred to the Walk of Honor Committee Chair in writing for review by the Walk of Honor Committee.
  • For additional information, contact Nicole Larson, Communications Director at 979-491-8016.

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