The Emergency Management Division developed and maintains a multi-hazards emergency operations plan that includes mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery procedures relevant to natural and human-caused disasters. The emergency operations plan provides general guidance for emergency management activities and applies to all District officials, staff, and students. It describes how the District responds to emergencies and assigns responsibilities for various tasks. It empowers employees in an emergency and clarifies emergency roles and responsibilities, describing who does what, when and how. The emergency operations plan is a living document that is continually reviewed, tested, and updated through various feedback loops, including scheduled and unscheduled drills designed to test the plan's effectiveness. These drills include, but are not limited to fire, intruder, and severe weather.


The Patrol Division provides uniformed police officers who patrol the district, campuses, and support facilities. The officers patrol tactics include utilizing foot patrol and motor vehicles.  Motor vehicles are used to patrol all roads, streets and highways within the geographical boundaries of Sweeny ISD. Officers are charged with schools patrols by providing walking roving patrols inside and outside of the campus facility.  All officers are responsible for emergency response, criminal investigations, drug interdiction, evidence collection, criminal apprehension, and transportation code enforcement.   Patrol is responsible for developing, implementing, and promoting the Sweeny ISD comprehensive safety program.  The safety program was developed and continually reviewed by the school safety task force.  The task force includes the administration from each campus, local leaders and several first responder partners in our area.  Patrol also works with many other first responder agencies throughout the district.  General responsibilities include workplace and classroom safety programs, large event safety, mobility safety, and progressive response to violence training and procedures.