School Health Advisory Committee

School Health Advisory Council


Philosophy Statement
The primary function of a school is to provide students with the learning experiences necessary for maximum intellectual development. The success of this process is affected by the child’s emotional, social, and physical health as well as by strong community and family involvement. For this reason, the purpose of coordinated school health programming as overseen by the SHAC is twofold: First, to consider the total human being in the educational process, and second, to motivate students to help themselves and others to live healthy, productive lives. Additionally, the SHAC serves as a liaison between student, families, schools, and community and works to ensure that Sweeny ISD complies with the Texas Education Code in all aspects of health, safety, and physical education requirements.


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Michael Saul 
Director of Compliance & Student Services
Sweeny Independent School District

Becky Wojcik 
Sweeny High School

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