Sweeny ISD Education Foundation

EF Impact

Mission Statement

The mission of the Sweeny ISD Education Foundation is to cultivate partnerships with the community to provide funding that inspires excellence, promotes innovation, and supports quality learning experiences for all students in Sweeny ISD.

Guiding Principles

1.   Cultivate Partnerships with the community. 
2.  Inspire excellence. 
3.  Promotes innovation. 
4.  Supports quality learning experiences for all students. 

Funding Priorities

1.  Resources to enrich learning. 
2. District and campus-wide impact.
3.  On-going staff appreciation and recognition for excellence.  
4. Staff professional learning. 
5.  Supplemental school organizations to support unique needs. 

EF Impact

Nicole Larson   
Executive Director
Sweeny ISD Education Foundation
(979) 491-8016