Board Elections

Contact Information: 
Sweeny ISD
1310 N. Elm Street
Sweeny, TX 77480

Amye Kibodeaux
(979) 491-8000
[email protected]

Election Information:

The Sweeny ISD Board of Trustees comprises seven trustees who serve three-year terms.  Annual elections are held the first Saturday of May. Each trustee represents the entire school district rather than a section of the population.

The candidate who receives the highest number of votes for each respective position will serve as a trustee.  Runoffs are not conducted unless candidates tie.  

According to the Texas Education Code and the Texas Election Code, mandatory joint elections are required for school district trustee elections.  Board elections are held on the same date as the election for members of the governing body of municipality located within the school district.

Board of Trustees Election:  May 7, 2022
Position #3
Position #4
Position #7

Election Forms:

Candidate Eligibility

Application for a Place on the Ballot

Notice of Deadline to File for Place on the Ballot

Declaration of Write In Candidacy

Code of Fair Campaign Practices

BBA (Legal)  (Candidates Eligibility/Qualifications)

BBBA (Legal) (Conducting Elections)

BBB (Local)

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